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About Us


To foster the most successful and well adjusted generation of former service personnel, particularly Veterans, in Australia’s history.


To HONOUR and EMPOWER former service personnel (Veterans) and their families particularly those who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as they transition to civilian life.


  • TRUST – The foundation for all relationships is TRUST. Warriors Return has become recognised as the “trusted mate” of thousands of Australian Veterans.
  • EMPOWER – Australian Veterans are not victims! In everything Warriors Return does we aim to empower Veterans to take control of their own life and their own future.
  • LEAD – Warriors Return listens and then acts, leading the way in innovative programs and representation of the Veteran Community.


A Veteran is: Anyone who has served in the Australian Defence Force.

We do not discriminate based on conflict, service or operational experience.


  • Provide a COMMUNITY for those affected by PTSD and transition issues, where they can feel connected and part of a family who share their experiences.
  • Develop PROGRAMS that assist Veterans with PTSD and issues with transition to civilian life.
  • REFER Veterans and their families to welfare and compensation specialists with a trusted track record.
  • Raise AWARENESS of military related PTSD and the issues facing Veterans and their families on transitioning to civilian life.
  • LOBBY appropriate government and non-government organisations on behalf of Veterans and their families.


  • Intervention – “Managing” Veterans when they are in crisis by gathering around them the resources and support they require.
  • Support – Maintaining both “online” and face-to-face support networks for Veterans and their families.
  • Rehabilitation – Through cutting edge group programs and online media.
  • Education – Raising awareness of all Veterans’ issues to the Australian community and educating Veterans about their situation and their rights.
  • Influence – Lobbying and influencing Government.


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Loretta Somerville CEO

Loretta is the CEO of The Warrior’s Return. She served in the Royal Australian Navy. And has a long and successful history in serving the Veteran Community. She is a qualified Counsellor and has worker in Mental health and has battled her own long and hard journey. She is passionate about supporting veterans to heal upon their journeys after leaving the Australian Defence Force.

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Scott Harris

Scott Harris Born 1965 Joined army May 86 Infantry D Coy 1 RAR 1986 1989 Transferred to Q Store Jan 1988 Ammo NCO and Tech Cpl 3 RAR 1990 1992 Parachuting Accident 17 March 1992 Tindal Kapooka 1993 Acting Tech Sgt 49 RQR 1994 1997 Tech Sgt 25/49 RQR 1997 1998 Corp Transfer ordnance Aug 1997 due to injuries (Back, Shoulder, both knees, hearing right Wrist) and no I am left handed. BQMS 1Fld 1999 2001 SQMS 30 Terminal Squadron 10 FSB 2002 2004 Tech Sgt acting SQMS 131 Div Loc Battery 2005 2006 20 STA 2006 2008 Deployments CQMS Solomon Islands July 2003 to Nov 2003 TQMS Iraq AATTI -V with AMTG 2 Camp Smitty Sept 2005 to June 2006 Elected Discharge Aug 2008 Granted Gold Card TPI Aug 2014

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Ashley Wilke

I am a former Australian Army UAV operator within 20th STA Regiment and completed a deployment to Afghanistan. I have since unfortunately been medically discharged from the army due to PTSD. Since my discharge,I have found that the best thing I have been able to do for my self-therapy is woodworking. I have completed fine furniture study with two of Australia’s best studio woodworkers – Damion Fauser (ex RAAF) and Roy Schack of The Brisbane School of Fine Woodwork.

I am now living in Ulladulla, NSW and attend the local men’s shed to be able to access the required tools and space to continue practicing the craft. Recently I made a hand-cut dovetailed box to put my medals in as I have only ever kept them in a drawer.Upon completing my box, I received lots of interest from other veterans who keep their own medals in the same sort of situation as I did.I have taught some local veterans who attend the men’s shed, how to make boxes for themselves, which they found immensely enjoyable and was a huge self-esteem boost as they had a tangible outcome to take home, show their family, and mount their medals inside.

They now continue to try their hands at fine furniture making, due to the mindfulness, catharsis and comradery that is achievable as a direct by-product. I would now like to offer this opportunity to the veteran community as a whole, but I am unable on my meagre DVA medical pension to fund this on my own, which is where you come in. In the recent times, there has been much in the media about the high suicide rates amongst veterans but with no offers of help or tangible outcomes. This is our opportunity to give back to these veterans whom have given so much to let us lead a normal life.Whether they believe in the political reasons behind sending them there or even if they disagree, they still serve our beautiful country proudly. This is where we, no matter our feelings behind the politics, must stand behind these men and women.

I have compiled an initial list of tools and machinery that is necessary to achieve this goal, which is substantial to say the least. I have estimated it could take from $15,000 to $20,000 as an initial outlay for these items, to pay for a workshop and for trades to install electrical, dust extraction and plumbing etc to be installed in a workshop. So far, I received pledges from some to help out with donations and discounted supply of items to Dovetails for Diggers. To be able to get this project going I need donations of money, tools and more. With your help my aim is to supply this service to our veterans to aid in their recovery for little to no cost to them. I also do not wish to be paid to do this as I feel that it would be my privilege to deliver the course to veterans to aid in their recovery and general wellbeing.

John (jj) Enchong

John (jj) Enchong

John Enchong (affectionately known as JJ) is our Manager-Queensland. JJ is a much loved and respected member of the Australian Veteran community. He began his military career as a soldier in the Royal Australian Infantry Corps before corps transferring to the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps. During his long career JJ saw operational service in Rawanda.

JJ has a long and exceptional track record of helping Veterans. He is renowned for his no nonsense yet extremely compassionate approach.

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Mark Bradbury was born in Gosford and is currently married to Tanya and has two children Austin and Hannah and currently lives in Gosford. Mark was an ex full time Royal Australian Navy Communications Veteran of 35 years, serving in the Permanent Navy Forces (PNF) before being honourably transferred to the Australian Navy Reserves in 1988 and is still serving.

Mark served on various ships and establishments and has been deployed to Asia, Africa, India, Papua New Guinea and the South West Pacific Islands. Accumulating with a Deployment to the Persian Gulf in 1984 and 2004. He has also been involved in Border protection and legal fisheries patrols on Patrol boats and auxiliaries. On leaving the PNF Mark had employment with the NSW Police Communications Section at Surry Hills, QANTAS Cargo and QANTAS Reservation at North Sydney until 1993. Mark then moved to travel management, managing such travel Agencies as Harvey World Travel Umina and Jetset Travel Balmain. He also had managerial role within the retail sector at Coles and Woolworths, before leaving Woolworths in 2002 to work with NSW Health at Gosford Hospital and the Defence medical centre.

Mark went back to the Navy, working as a Public servant in positions of Purchasing, Procurement, Finance, Sustainability, Operational Regulations and standards with his last position before retirement being the Executive Assistant to a Commodore at Fleet Headquarters at Potts Point.

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Aaron Worboys spent 13 years in the Army and two deployments to Afghanistan, Aaron was discharged in 2014 with PTSD. Aaron is also the proud father two children Tyler and Holly.

In 2016 Aaron started the Facebook group; IGY which assists in supporting members of the community that have mental health issues. Aaron is now Totally and Permanently Incapacitated due to his PTSD, and passionately spends the majority of his time raising awareness for PTSD.

Aaron is passionate about providing support to the veteran community..

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Kyle Tyrrell founder


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Liana Von Sanden– Dorector / CO-Founder